Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Drew's First Fishing Excursion

Drew's school is going on a fishing field trip soon, and Drew has been talking about it a lot. He knows that his daddy likes to fish, and has been saying, "I go fishing? Daddy come, too?" So, Eric decided to take him. Last night the weather was pretty nice, a little cool, but otherwise good. He went on a search for the fishing pole Drew received from his Grandpa Meyer when he was just a baby. After a long search, he found it in the garage. He told Drew where they were going, and Drew came running to me to help him get dressed. He was so excited!

I prayed that their adventure would go smoothly, whether they caught any fish or not. I was imagining one of them ending up in the lake. lol. They were gone an hour and a half or so, and when they came home, I met them on the driveway. Eric said that Drew is a natural, and he caught THREE fish! Eric himself only caught one. Drew's first fish was a little bluegill, but he was pretty excited about it. Eric said he knew instinctively how to reel it in, without Eric having to tell him what to do. He went on to catch another bluegill and a catfish. Eric said they would have stayed longer but Drew had to go to the bathroom.

Here are some pictures. I made Eric take the camera with them.

Checking out the spillway before going home


Umma said...

That looks like fun! I remember fishing with my dad when I was young, some of them best times we had were spent on the edge of brook fishing for itty, bitty little trout.

Jodie said...

How great for them!! Now Eric and Drew can have something to do together. I am glad neither of them ended up in the lake! :-0 (all though it would have been really funny if it would have been Eric)