Sunday, May 18, 2008

Grandpa the donut man

Almost every Saturday, my dad drops off a bag of donuts for us. He comes early in the morning and puts them in the door. Actually, he pokes a hole in the bakery bag and hangs them on the doorknob.

Drew has started to count on this ritual. He counts the days of the week by when Grandpa brings donuts. He'll say, "Tomorrow Grandpa bring me donuts, right?"

Saturday morning, Drew woke up around six o'clock. This is too early for the donut man. He usually shows up sometime between seven and seven thirty. Anyway, Drew waited by the front window, squawking at the sofa, periodically checking the doorknob for donuts. He would look and say, "No donuts yet. Mommy, when the donuts gonna be here?"

I was doing things in the kitchen, and suddenly Drew ran to the door and said, "Well, hi Grandpa! Donuts?" And he immediately snatched the bag from Grandpa's hand, with not so much as a thank you. I thanked my dad, and he headed off, presumably to deliver coffee to my mom at the post office where she works. Drew ran off to tell Daddy about the donuts. Since Daddy was in bed sleeping, he wasn't as excited about donuts as Drew was, but he responded in the expected manner by putting his hand by his mouth (like one would when they are whispering a secret) and said, "Donuts!"

Drew then brought the bag of donuts into the kitchen and requested one. I got one out for him, and he grabbed the bag right away and said, "Here, it's for me." and carried the bag around the house, as he does every time. He squawked and flapped his hands at the bag, put it down in various places, looking at it, exclaiming, "Donuts!" He tried to hang them on the door handle as Grandpa usually does, but since Drew cut him off at the pass before Grandpa had a chance to hang them up, there was no hole poked into the bag. He brought it to me requesting help. I obliged, and he hung the bag up on the doorknob and flapped his hands at it.
I convinced him to let me have a donut by promising him I'd give the bag right back, I just wanted one donut. lol. He was definitely guarding them.
"They're my donuts, Mommy. See?"


She calls me Momma said...

awww that is something they will remember forever!

Anonymous said...

how cute

Umma said...

That's an awesome Saturday morning ritual!

tamara said...

That is so cool!! They will always remember that :) he looks so excited! lol. But heck, I would be too. I wish I could have a doughnut right now!