Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Fifteen Nine

1. So I am going to attempt another Friday Fifteen. Bear with me in case I run out of ideas and become mundane.

2. Last night, Eric and I went to Cafe Verandah for dinner. I thought it was delicious. I got filet mignon and a baked potato and asparagus. Eric thought it was ok. He got crab cakes and rice. I definitely made the better choice. He also got baked potato soup, and that was tasty. I snitched a spoonful.

3. The boys were very excited to go to my parents' house. They took the kids to McDonald's, and went to the park.

4. My toe is still paining me. I don't think I mentioned this before on my blog, but I think I broke my toe last week on Saturday night/Sunday morning. I smacked it on the bathroom doorframe. It is swollen and bruised.

5. I worked at the school three days this week. The first day was scary, and I was hobbling around with my sore foot. I did ok. We got all the kids fed. Tuesday was better, and less stressful. I burned my arm on a pan of cheese sauce, though. Wednesday, I learned how to use the dishwasher. Apparently I am easily amused, because I thought it was pretty fun.

6. Blake's last day of school was yesterday. His teacher is moving away. We are going to miss her so much. She was Drew's teacher before Blake's, and she has made every effort to educate herself about Fragile X. She even wrote her Masters project on it. I console myself with the fact that I know she is going to bless some other kids and their parents when she gets to her new school.

7. We got a sweet note from Blake's OT that she has enjoyed working with Blake and if we need a babysitter this summer, we should let her know. Isn't that the coolest?

8. Have you ever made fresh whipped cream? I tried making Pioneer Woman's pots de creme, and they weren't as good as they looked. In her defense, I am sure I did something wrong. Mine didn't even look that good. BUUUT, I did make fresh sweetened whipped cream to put on top of the pots de creme. Super easy, and so.very.good. I eventually put the dessert aside and ate the whipped cream by itself. Really.

9. When we picked the kids up last night, Blake was really tired. Mom was rocking him. She said he played pretty hard at the park, and had a great time. He eventually fell asleep on the sofa while watching Barney. This is pretty rare for him. Dad mentioned that he had been coughing quite a bit and suggested that maybe he was getting sick. When we went home, Blake barely woke up. He stayed sleeping until 4:30 this morning when he wet the bed. Then he went back to sleep as soon as I changed his sheets. This morning he is coughing, so I guess Dad was right.

Sorry about that. I have run out of ideas. Nine'll have to do ya.