Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's our anniversary

Nine years ago today, I married Eric. We were 23(me)and 22(him)when we married. We had dated six years before that, so we were mere babies when we started dating. I was a waitress at Ponderosa Steakhouse and he was a waiter. One night we had to close the restaurant together, and while we were tearing down the sundae bar, he asked me out.

We dated for six years. Through that time, we graduated high school, started college, I dropped out of college, and got a job. He went to Ohio State University, which is two hours away. We racked up plenty of phone bills during that time. I also went there almost every weekend.

On April 18, 1998, we went to dinner at J.Alexanders restaurant. After dinner, he got on one knee and proposed to me. Of course I said yes, I had been waiting for it for years.

On May 22, 1999 the day dawned dark and rainy. I was so worried it would rain all day. It was pouring when we went to the hall to finish setting things up for the reception. I remember that I broke a fingernail and had to run to the salon to get it repaired. Next we went to get our hair done. My mom, my sister and I went together. It was still raining hard when we went in. Thankfully, by the time we were finished, it had slowed down to a drizzle.

It grew extremely dark before the ceremony and rain came down hard during the ceremony. But it was a Catholic mass, and it took 45 minutes or so. By the time the priest pronounced us husband and wife, the sun had come out, and the rain had stopped totally.

Our wedding party rented a limo for us, and we drove around a bit and drank champagne. Then we remembered that we forgot our checkbook to pay everyone. Why they needed paid on our wedding day, I'll never know. Anyway, we had to go to Eric's parents house to pick up his checkbook.

We got back to the rececption and they announced us as Mr. and Mrs. Eric Meyer for the first time. The whole reception was a surreal experience. We had our first dance to Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton.

Now that I am thinking of the day, it all seems so long ago, yet it also seems like yesterday. Funny, huh?

So, nine years later, we've been blessed by our two wonderful sons. Our lives haven't always been easy, but I guess that is the nature of life. Today I thank God that he brought me and Eric together, and I pray that we will have many more years together. And Eric, if you are reading this, Happy Anniversary. I love you.


Umma said...

Happy Anniversary!

Mark said...

Kristie & Eric
Happy Anniversary!
When you both left the store when
buying Kristie's engagement ring.
I felt weak in my knees, I had just relized (for the first time)that my yougest brother was getting married.
And I was so Happy for the both of you.

Kristiem10 said...

Yeah Mark, that was so fun! You were great, and I know we shocked you. You spent so much time with us explaining everything. It was great fun.

Bekki said...

Happy Anniversary Kristie and Eric! May many more wonderful years be in store for you two.

The Other Lion said...

hooray! happy anniversary!

Jen said...

Happy Anniversary :)
(it rained on my wedding day too)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Eric & Kristie

Jodie said...

Congrats!!!!!!!! And may you have many many more!