Friday, May 9, 2008

A Mommy-Blake Day

Blake doesn't have school on Fridays, so we hung out together today. It started at six this morning when he climbed into bed next to me and put his cold feet on me.

Later in the morning, we ran and errand for Grandma and Grandpa V. We went to the meat market and picked up some meat for Mother's Day lunch. This meat market smells wonderful. I picked up the meat, and we headed to the register. They have a "Ring Bell For Service" sign and a little bell. I let Blake ring the bell and he was tickled. He rang it again and the butcher came up and said, "Hey! Are you ringing my bell?!!!" in a pretend gruff voice. Blake just smiled at him and said, "Ding!"

Later we went shopping for Mother's Day presents for the grandmothers, and I had to pay a bill. We went to the mall. First we exchanged some sandals at JCPenney, then we headed to the food court for lunch. Blake got a pizza kid's meal at the pizza place. A huge slice of pizza, a pop, and a toy. I got a cheese steak from Charlie's Steakery. We sat down, and Blake sat across from me. He stayed in his seat and people-watched, like his Grandpa V. likes to do.

Then we went in a few stores, where he sang songs like, "We are the Dinosaurs" and "I'm Gonna Catch You" drawing the attention of several elderly shoppers. I think we had three different people talk to him, saying how cute he is.

I bought myself a dress and a pair of white sailor-type pants. Blake went with me in the dressing room, and when I took my pants off, he thought he should take his off as well. I stopped him before he got his shoes off. He didn't get why I was changing my clothes. He picked up the jeans I had been wearing and said, "Pants on, Mommy".

After the mall we made another stop, which I won't mention by name in case one of the grandmas is reading this. Then we went to Tim Hortons for an afternoon snack. I know it seems that all we did today was eat, but trust me, we shopped plenty. At Tim's, Blake picked Honey Dip Timbits, and I got a plain honey dip donut. He asked for milk, and we sat down and ate our snack. He loves the little box that Timbits come in. It is definitely kid-sized. It reminds me of those little boxes animal crackers used to come in. I remember that I loved those boxes as a kid, too. We had to make a stop in the bathroom to wash sticky fingers and headed home to meet Drew.


Paula said...

What a fun day you and Blake had. I miss spending days like that with my girls. I guess I still do with Olivia and we have fun but it's not like when she was little.
Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.