Monday, June 23, 2008

totally random randomness

I'll make it a list to make it seem more organized.

1. Vacation Bible School started today at my sister's church. I decided spur of the moment that the boys should go. Drew freaked out and started screaming, "No! I stay with you and go to No Mart! (that't what he calls Wal-Mart) So, Blake stayed and Drew went with me to No Mart.

2. I am getting a new dishwasher tomorrow morning. Our old one bit the dust. It lasted six or seven years, so I thought that wasn't too bad. I have been hand washing dishes for a week, though and I realize how much I take my dishwasher for granted.

3. We are preparing to make a special needs trust for the boys. (oops! I accidentally typed tryst. I think not!) We have been working on writing a letter of intent to go along with it, explaining what our desires for them are in the event of our deaths. Morbid stuff, and I have been putting it off for a week.

4. I am eating bacon flavored crackers. Correction, stale bacon flavored crackers. Why I do not know. But I am thinking they must be what those dog treats Beggin' Strips taste like. "I smell BACON!"

5. I stopped at the video store today and got two videos for the boys. I forgot that Family Video has free kids dvds. I got a new Max and Ruby one and an old Rolie Polie Olie one. Drew used to watch that when he was two or three, and I wondered if they'd like it. They were glued to it. Woohoo! 30 minutes of no hitting or biting or snack-getting.


fragilemom said...

We have been working on starting our family planning for special needs and the trust thing......for over a year! I'm like you, just not excited to start it. Having 3 FX kids, the thought of who we would will them to is just a nightmare thought. We've almost decided that at this point, we would probably split them up and then as time goes on look at re-evaluating. Makes me cry thinking about it. So, needless to say, I have the folder and the beginning paperwork.....blank.

Mark said...

Enjoy your dishwsher, wish I had room for one. But, as you know I occasionally get Special help with my dishwahing. Thanks to All of you!