Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More donut talk

Today, Drew and I are hanging out at home. Blake went to Vacation Bible School at my sister's church. My cousin Annie took him for me. I have to wait around for my dishwasher to be delivered. (woo-hoo!) The delivery is supposed to be between nine this morning and noon.

I thought it would be fun if Drew and I went to the grocery and got a couple donuts. I got Drew his own bag and put two donuts in it. And I got four more donuts, thinking to share with the delivery man if he comes anytime soon. The donut/coffee area was hopping this morning, and Drew was excited about it. That meant more people to talk to, you see. He told everyone that we were getting donuts. We went to the register to pay, and he said to the cashier, "What's this?" (holding up his bag) "It's donuts." he told her. I explained (like she couldn't tell) how excited he was about donuts. She smiled and said, "I'd be excited about donuts, too." He said, "Yeah, me too."

So we went back home, and of course he wanted me to poke a hole in the bag so he could hang them on the doorknob. I asked if he wanted a donut to eat, and he said, "not yet". Apparently he has to busy himself with placing the bag in various spots around the house so he can flap at it to his satisfaction. Then, he'll eat a donut.

If this post baffles you, click HERE for the story of Grandpa the Donut Man for some background information.