Thursday, June 26, 2008

I don't always know what we're playing

Blake is at VBS and Drew and I are hanging out. He said, "Mommy, lay down on the couch. On your belly." I did as he commanded, and he said, "I have to set the time." He pushed a pretend button on his notebook, said, " Beep!" and proceeded to pat on my back. Then he said, "Ok, roll over." He likes to re-enact things, and this time it was "tactile" that we were acting out. A few minutes later he threw some wadded up paper at me and said, "Na Mow!" in a high pitched voice. He threw three wads at me and kept saying, "Na mow!" each time. I was trying to figure out what we were re-enacting, and said, "Who are you?" He said, "I am Drew Meyer." lol. Ok, so that didn't help. I already knew that. So I picked up a crumpled piece of paper and said, "What's this supposed to be?" He said, "It's paper, Mom." So, I guess maybe he was just making funny noises while throwing paper balls at me.


Umma said...

Well, duh! LOL, you're such a good sport! I don't always know what we're playing either sometimes I just have to tell Monkey to show me what to do. He's got tons of experience with hand over hand assistance so he can usually show me well enough :-)

shoeaddict said...

That is funny. He's probably thinking, "Gosh, she is sooo slow today! She forgot who I was and she doesn't even know what paper looks like!!"