Saturday, June 14, 2008

A walk and a park

This afternoon, I decided to take the boys for a walk. Drew didn't want to, he wanted to stay home and watch television. But he is a couch potato, so I made him go. We walked to the park, which is several blocks away. A nice walk with a goal for motivational purposes. Otherwise, he likes to stop in the middle of the sidewalk for no apparent reason. The walk there went quick. It was more like a jog, with the boys saying, "Come on! Let's go!" We played at the park a good hour, and I told the boys it was time to go home. Blake said, "Okay!" and came right over to me and took my hand. Drew said, "I'm not going home." I tried to bribe him by telling him I'd make some popcorn when we got home to which he replied, "No popcorn." I said, "That's fine, but we're still going home." He dug in his feet and stood there with his arms crossed over his chest. He said, "I am not going with you." Hoo-boy. I was trying to stay patient. I mean, kids hate to leave the park, right? I finally convinced him pushed/pulled/dragged him out of the park. He followed about ten feet behind me and Blake, while yelling, "No popcorn! I'm NOT going!" the whole way home. There were several times when he stopped altogether, with the arm-crossing. Believe me, my patience was sorely tested. I was praying that God would supernaturally transport us the remaining blocks home. lol. He didn't, but we made it eventually, anyway. We got in the house and again he said, "No popcorn! I am NOT eating popcorn." I said, "That is fine. You don't have to eat popcorn." He started crying and said, "But I want popcorn!" Aaaaaaahhhhh!


The Other Lion said...

What a turkey! I hate the stopping and sitting for no reason. Argh. But it was a pretty typical kid thing to do -- say the opposite of what you wanted.

Jen said...


fragilemom said...

Here's an encouraging note...if it were Ian, he probably would have vomited before making it home....I think it's turned into a manipulation tool. Little does he know that this once "GROSSED out totally at the thought of someone's vomit" mom is now a "catch it with her hand" mom!

I tried to take the kids outside today. Avery can handle the heat and Benjamin likes being outside regardless of the weather. Ian does not do well with heat. And it's been a scorcher lately! So, outside means going to grandma's pool!

Mark said...

Well, praying was a good tought!