Friday, June 13, 2008

Eric turned 32

Yesterday was Eric's birthday. The boys and I made a cake in the morning. They were excited that both sets of grandparents would be here in the evening.

Here's Eric opening a gift from my mom and dad. They gave him two new cordless phones, something we really needed. My mom tricked him by putting the owner's manual in a smaller box with a candy bar. She gets aggravated by his expertise at guessing what is in the box before he opens it.
Blake ran out of patience with Eric's slow gift-opening, and decided to help him along.

I always force Eric into these strangleholds to get a picture of us together.

And here we have the birthday boy


Jodie said...

WEll, Happy B-day to Eric!!!!!!!!!! I am suprised the house didnt burn down with all of his candles.... Apparently you didn't put all 32 on his Cake! hehe

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Eric!
Yesterday was my mom's birthday too, and today is John's.

Chris said...

32 ......WOW you are getting OLD ! ! I bet you can get the senior citizen price on you Canadian fishing license. HAHAHAHAHA . It must be doing a lot of raining in OH, if Eric's legs were any "whiter" they would glow in the dark.


See ya in a few weeks!!!

Chris said...
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fragilemom said...

Happy Birthday!

Also, in reply to one of your comments from my cry session: We went to the FX Conference in Georgia 2 years ago. It was great. We were able to go because we got a first time scholarship. So, unfortunately we won't be able to go this year too. Are you going? If so, anything you want to share from it would be great.