Sunday, July 13, 2008

Playground #4

We went to the next town over to play at the park on Friday. The first one we went to had men laying mulch down on the playground. Then we went to a small park by a ball diamond, but the fence gate was padlocked. Next, we went to the community park, but they apparently had a playgroup of some sort, and there were tons of toddlers and parents. We decided to go to the school playground. Deserted, and not locked. :) They played for awhile, but they noticed another jungle gym a little ways away and wanted try that one. So we walked over and checked it out.

It was an older one made of logs, and it was a little more uneven for kids with motor planning/gravitational insecurity issues. Drew got "stuck" in the middle of one platform and started shrieking for help. He grabbed his crotch and started screaming, "I have to go potty!" which is what he says when he's scared. Blake didn't mind the unevenness as much, but there were bigger spaces between platforms, and thus harder to maneuver.
We decided to head back to the original plaything. That's much better. Funny look on his face, too.


The Other Lion said...

That's funny. The kids at school always say they have to go potty to try and get out of being in time out. =)

Anonymous said...

You realize you are a awesome mom. (I hope you do anyway.)
Peggy E.