Saturday, July 12, 2008

toe in

Yesterday afternoon, the temperature was in the nineties, so I got out the baby pool and the water table. Blake was quite excited by this, but Drew told me he was not going outside. I told him to suit himself, that Blake and I would be in the front if he changed his mind.
Blake thought filling the pool was great fun.After we were out a few minutes, Drew came onto the porch in his swim trunks and said, "See? It's perfect!" Apparently, he decided to give the pool a try. He edged over to the pool and thought about it for awhile. Blake urged him to get in. He tried. Foot in....back out. Eventually he got both feet wet. But Blake was very excited about this and got in with him. This was a little too scary for Drew, so he scampered back in the house. Blake had no such problem with getting wet.


to share said...
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Maddy said...

A magnificent de-sensitization programme you have there!
Cheers [love the progressive photos]

ooo just noticed the deleted comment [hope it was just spam?]

Kristiem10 said...

Yeah, a link to an adult website.