Saturday, August 9, 2008

File that trip under...

Best State Fair Trip Yet! Of course, there were a few bumps along the way, but overall, it was a nice time.

First of all, the boys and I picked up Kelly and the kids from their house.

Ready To Go

We took off and stopped right away in Sidney for lunch. We went to Burger King. Drew was happy to learn that they now serve macaroni and cheese. They all had fun wearing their crowns. On the way out, Blake wiped out. He totally landed on his face. Poor kid was knocked senseless. Wha...?
He was fine after a couple minutes. We went on and made it to Columbus. Drew started getting nervous when we got close to our destination. By the time we actually had the key and were at the condo, he was freaking out. He refused to go up the stairs. And he sat down on the ground and screamed and cried. People wandered past and watched the commotion. Kelly and the kids went up and changed into swimsuits and left for the pool. I talked, cajoled, and bribed Drew. It was not to be. He wouldn't budge,. Kelly came back and offered to try. I went to the pool with the kids. And when we got back to the room (after Blake gagged and threw up in the pool) Drew was in the living room of the condo watching iCarly. Thank gooodness. I don't think he'd have ever gone up willingly for me. And believe me, he is too heavy to lift. (I tried!)

Mom and Dad had planned on meeting us in Columbus for dinner, but they were running late, and Kyle was getting agitated. So we went to eat without them. We went to TGI Fridays. Kelly and I both got fettuccine alfredo. We went back to the condo, and this time, Drew was able to go up the steps while holding Aunt Kelly's hand. Unfortunately, the pasta we ate made us both sick. We had talked about going bowling, but neither of us felt well enough to go.

Mom and Dad's room was in the loft. Drew has had a fear about steps for some reason lately, so he refused to go up. But Kyle and Blake did. Friday morning they both went up there and jumped into bed with them.

Ok, so off to the fair. My dad wanted to take the stroller, so we did and brought the kid-leash along. Drew didn't want to stay with us, so Kelly threatened him with the leash. Eventually Kelly put it on his wrist. And Drew was quite offended. He was so mad at her. It cracked me up. He probably wore it for a grand total of five minutes. And the rest of the day, whenever Kelly wanted to hold his hand, he refused. lol.After that, we went on some rides:
Notice they both have their hand in their mouth.
Drew was very specific about being in #5.
Blake hung out with Grandpa V. quite a bit. Did you see that sky?! Kelly and I took her kids to some bigger rides and Mom and Dad stayed in Kiddie Land with Drew and Blake. No trip to the state fair is complete without visiting the butter cow.

We stopped for awhile and watched a horse show. The kids liked it, though Kyle was eager to get back to the rides. The weather couldn't have been any better. The sky was blue, the temperature was great. We left around five to go to dinner. We ate at Big Boy, and headed back to the fair. We had fun. We went on Rock and Roll You know, the one with loud music? Well, Kyle decided he wanted to ride it by himself. So, Kelly, Danielle and I went in one seat, and Kyle went by himself. He handled the loud music pretty well, but they suddenly blew an air horn. Oh boy. He let go of the car and covered his ears. When the ride was over, he was a little upset, and said, "I hate that ride!" Kyle did love the bumper cars, though. He had a blast in there.

We left the fair arounf ten o'clock pm. And got home late! We had a few mishaps throughout the day, but we had way more fun than work.


Anonymous said...

Poor Drew. That will be Matty on Friday when the bus shows up.

At least things smoothed out and it was better than last year. Progress is great!!