Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Fifteen

1. I have exactly two hours until I have to be at work.

2. Being a lunch lady is a lot harder work than I expected it to be.

3. As of this moment, I am going in the hole about $15 a week by working.

4. I am trying to work something out with insurance so I am not losing money by working.

5. Blake loves his new babysitter. I ask him if he wants to see Carol and he yells, "Ah-kay!" and runs for his shoes.

6. I went to a Juice Plus meeting last night, and I am considering getting it for us. We don't eat enough fruits and veggies, so I know it would be good for us. Unfortunately, the cost may be prohibitive.

7. I am getting uber-excited about my trip to Vegas. We booked the hotel this week. We're going to stay at Bally's.

8. My cousin gave us four tickets to the Dayton Dragons game. The game is Sunday. The boys have never been to a baseball game, so we're going to go and see how they do. Hopefully it will be fun.

9. I have had a picture frame jewelry box hanging on the wall in my bedroom since my birthday in March with the original fake pictures in it. I need to take some time and put real pics of my family in it, but I have been too lazy to do it. Actually, I would need to wait until Blake is in bed to do it, because I don't want him to know the thing opens. It looks like a picture frame, and he leaves it alone. But if he knew it had a door, he'd open it and pull my jewelry out.

10. We have six sixth graders help out in the cafeteria during lunch, and I really like them. I haven't had contact with kids that age in a very long time. And I realize that I enjoy them. They are funny. Yesterday, one of the girls lost her retainer in the trash after she ate her lunch, so I helped her go through the trash looking for it. She wasn't too upset about it. She said her mom would just say, "Kelly Renee!" and get her a new one.

11. Speaking of work, did you know that mashed potatoes make trays stick together like glue?

12. This morning, Blake was standing in front of the wall, looking at his shadow and acting out a scene from Blue's Clues. Of course I snuck over to grab my camera, but he noticed and yelled, "No cheese, Mommy!" at me.

13. I can't believe this is Labor Day weekend! Where has the time gone? Do you have any special plans for the weekend?

14. Almost there! Hmmm, what can I write about? Oh! I know. If you are into scrapbooking, there is this pretty neat site where you can do digital scrapbooking. It is called:

15. And finally, Drew came home from school yesterday and his backpack was all wet. Apparently he didn't close the cap on his water bottle tightly and his leftover water spilled everywhere on the way home. We had to air out his binder and folders last night. I had been thinking of getting him a sports-type water bottle to bring to school anyway. This has encouraged me to do so.

There. I made it to fifteen. Have a good day!


Mark said...

Talk to me first BEFORE you buy a juicer. I have had 3 different juciers. Believe me NOT all juicers are alike. CALL ME!! I know a few questions, You need to ask yourself before you know which juicer is best for you. And I have some GREAT receipes. MY fav is called "Better RED than Dead"

Kristiem10 said...


Thanks, but Juice Plus is not a juicer. It is dehydrated fruits and vegetables in capsule form.

shoeaddict said...

Why are you in the hole by working? Is it because of child care?

Have a good weekend. Pray for us (I'm here in LA in the Gustav path!)

FXSmom said...

lmao...I'm glad your new job is an educational experience ;-)