Friday, August 1, 2008

International Fragile X Conference, Part Six (and that is all!)

So Saturday night was the gala at the conference. We got all fancied up and went to the ballroom. And took lots of pictures, of course. We to to see more kids with FX since most of them spent their days in child care, and I have no idea where that was. Anyway, they had a cocktail hour and a silent auction.
Tony and Kelly
Kelly and Isabelle
Me and my hubby
Next we headed to a table. We sat with Frank and Isabelle, John and Tracy, Kelly and Tony, a woman named Diane and her friend Susan. Of course, we took more pictures:Erika, her mom and Punkin sat one table behind me. After our dinner of steak, salmon, sage mashed potatoes, brocolini and some artichoke thingy, (and a raspberry tart) I went over and sat with Erika for awhile. And I met a woman named Natalie with the sweetest seven year old with Fragile X. He was non-verbal, and he was watching Shrek on a DVD player. I showed him pictures of my boys and he kissed one of the pictures. He took my hand and showed me that he was watching Shrek. I could have taken him home with me. After this, Erika's sweet mom took Punkin upstairs to the room so Erika could relax and have fun. So we danced. Here's the band. I thought they did a nice job! John and Tracy getting downA little rusty!
Work it, sister.The girls-me, Kelly, Tracy, Diane, Erika, and Isabelle. We stayed until it was just about over and headed to Maggie O'Briens for awhile.

The next morning we went to the question and answer session, but slipped out after awhile. We got home around suppertime, and my mom and dad had our kids at the restaurant up the street from their house. So we walked up there and surprised them. Whew! What a trip. I am already looking forward to Detroit in 2010.