Sunday, August 3, 2008

What a grandpa!

Blake loves to play on our back porch. It is enclosed, and he has not yet figured out how to unlock the door. So, I will open the windows and let him play out there from time to time.

He has discovered a great fondness for removing all the outdoor toys from the toy bin and climbing inside it himself.

Here he is throwing the base of his T-Ball set out to make room for himself.

Pulling the lid down on himself.

*I should just say right now that this box doesn't snap closed at all. The lid just rests on top of the box and is lightweight. No risk of getting stuck inside*

So my mom and dad stopped by the other day, and Blake was playing on the back porch. And of course, he was emptying the toy box. Grandpa V. went out to see what he was doing. A few minutes later, I peeked out, and this is what I found:
Oh my goodness was Blake excited to have Grandpa join him in the toybox. Eric thought Dad was crazy, and complained that he might break the box, but Blake was thrilled and no harm was actually done to the box. I don't remember Dad climbing into any toyboxes with me as a kid. But then again, I don't remember actually climbing into a toybox myself as a child.


Maddy said...

Excellent! What a mum! I used to have a box similar to that and filled it with chick beans, they loved it.

All was well for several years until I accidentally left the lid off and it rained = soup!


Jodie said...

How sweet! And yes, what a Grandpa!

The Other Lion said...

That's so happy! What a grandpa, indeed.

Mark said...

I did EXCACTLY the same this as a child. My toybox was shaped like a treasure chest. It made Mom and Dad panic everytime, I climbed in the metal toybox. So, I HATE to tell you this,but he gets this honest from me.

Anonymous said...

I think Grandpa is easily funnier than the

fragilemom said...

Grandpa's are the best!

Bethany said...

Granpas RULE.. My boys love doing things with their Grandpa. He has taught them so much, I don't know what we would do without him.