Thursday, August 21, 2008

Junior Cook

The other afternoon, I made an angel food cake for my friend Jane. I had to separate egg whites from yolks, so I ended up with a bowl of yolks. Well, Blake saw what I was doing, and as he always does when I cook, climbed onto the counter to help me. He grabbed a spoon and started to stir the yolks. Visualizing a big yellow stain on my carpet, I replaced his yolks with a bowl of powdered sugar. He was thrilled. So when I started the mixer, he got all excited and wanted to help. So I got out my egg beater and let him mix his powdered sugar. What a mess! But so much fun.


Mark said...

Some Day he will be a gret chef!
They say you can taste the love when someone ccoks because of the sure desire it gives them.
That why Holiday gathering food taste so good.

The Other Lion said...

So cute! I love that you don't shy away from a (reasonable) mess.

Umma said...

That is so great! Monkey loves to help in the kitchen...champion stirrer. We should get a hand mixer like that! He'd love it.