Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why I love Mr. Clean and his Magic Eraser

The other day I came home and Eric was in the house with the boys. I noticed that Blake's bedroom door was closed and asked if Blake was in bed, and Eric said, "No, but he's been in his room for awhile." I went on into our room to put away laundry. A few minutes later, I heard, "BLAKE NATHANIEL! WHAT DID YOU DO?!" I went to see what the problem was, and soon discovered what Blake had been doing in his room so contentedly. He scribbled on all of his walls. All of them. Eric was fit to be tied. Thank goodness for Mr. Clean and his Magic Eraser. And just for fun, a picture of Eric with bedhead cleaning it up:


Paula Fasciano said...

One of the BEST products EVER... I agree! Especially good for all places / things my boys use as napkins that aren't actually napkins.

The Other Lion said...

cute bedspread.

i need me a magic cleaner. for my carpet!

fragilemom said...

Busy guy! We have a Magic Eraser as well. Luckily, it hasn't been used on anything but my own goofs. Glad to know it'll cover my kids too when needed!

Jodie said...

What and artist!!!!!!!!!! I am sure Eric wasnt too mad!! hehe

Umma said...

Haha, yes...Magic Eraser is a huge part of our lives. My mom is so jealous that she had nothing like it years ago when I pulled stunts like that!

They can be dangerous though. One day I used one to scrub a scuff-mark off the living room wall and then noticed it left a very noticable clean spot. I then ended up washing down ALL THE WALLS to cover it up. Then I decided that since the walls were clean and they still needed a 2nd coat anyway (we'd run out of paint so had only done a thin 2nd coat) I might as well paint the room.

Duhdee was not pleased to be painting the livingroom with me at 10:30 on a Saturday night. Heh.

shoeaddict said...

I know, right! I don't know what I ever did without them.