Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Still glued to the television/computer about the conflict in Russia/Georgia. I am surprised that we have not come to the defense of the Georgian people. Of course, our military is stretched pretty thin as it is. Condi is going to France to speak with President Sarkozy, then going on to Poti, I believe she said. I just saw a press conference with Condi speaking. A reporter asked why the US isn't taking action when Russia doesn't seem to care about the condemnation of the world. She pretty much dodged the answer.

Ok, so my real life stuff. Blake had to go to the ENT specialist today to get his ears cleaned out again. My mother in law watched Drew for me and my sister Kelly met me at the doctor's office to help hold Blake down. He started crying when we got into the exam room. The good news is that with Kelly's help, restraining him was a lot easier. And, the doctor was able to get most of the wax out with his vacuum. He had to us the curette some, but I think we were only in the chair a total of ten minutes or so. Not too bad. We go back in four months.

I can't believe school starts for Drew one week from today! This summer has really sped by. I really like the summer, but I guess there are plenty of things to look forward to in the fall as well. Like my trip to Las Vegas! I am going to Las Vegas in October with a bunch of friends I met on a message board. They aren't actually strangers, though. We met up in Vegas two years ago as well. Actually, there was another Vegas meetup last year, but I was unable to go. And we've been posting together for six years. And we've weeded the weirdos out by now. Well, most of 'em. The rest of the weirdos are harmless. :p


Anonymous said...

US has a bad rep about stinking their nose in where it doesn't belong. So I think they are covering all their bases before they get involved. We also have to deal with the UN. Technically they have to make the call. They wouldn't with Iraq and they've gotten a lot of heat over that.

Matty has really waxy ears too. Yucky.