Thursday, August 14, 2008

Remembering Blake's Baby Days

When Blake was a baby, he always had his head down. I suspect it was because he had low muscle tone, and holding that big head up was a lot of work! Look at those cheeks! Don't you just want to kiss them up?
I love this picture. We had gone to Parky's Ark, a water playground in Cincinnati. I just like Blakey's love eyes for me. And, no I don't think we could get any whiter. lol.
Blakey in his bed. When I was pregnant with him, we still had perfectly good bedding from Drew, but I thought he needed a new bumper. I found a cute set with bugs. He loved that mirror. He would try to eat the baby in it. I was always wiping slobbers off that thing.
This picture was taken at Wee School, the birth to three program. I took him twice a week for two hours at a time. The first hour was pretty easy, but had a really hard time staying awake for the second hour.
Blake loved this swing. It was a garage sale find. He liked being outside, as long as he didn't have to touch the grass.
And this was on his first birthday. We had participated in a first birthday gift exchange on my message board, and this was the package we received. If you look, you can see Drew in the background gazing at the ceiling fan.

Blake was a sweet baby, and he actually was a pretty good sleeper. Drew didn't sleep too good during that time, so I was still up a lot. When Blake did get up, I just brought him in bed with me to nurse. So much easier than bottle feeding was with Drew. He was a clingy baby, and I held him a lot. I eventually got a sling and carried him in that most of the time. I cannot believe he is five years old!


Anonymous said...

he was such a cute baby!!!