Monday, September 1, 2008

Dragons Game!

My cousin Margie and her husband Steve gave us four tickets tickets to the Dayton Dragons baseball game. The boys have never been to an event like this, so we didn't know what to expect from them. We talked about what we were going to do before we went. The game started at 7pm. We got there a little early and got to park in the VIP parking garage, thanks to a special pass from Margie and Steve. We got out of the van, and Drew immediately started crying. As he always does when he is nervous, he said, "I have to go potty!" over and over. We went to the elevator, which he usually likes. We got onto a crowded elevator and Drew was still crying and saying he had to go potty. But he stopped when the elevator went "Ding!" and said, "Daddy! Ding!" The people in the elevator thought it was funny. We got out, and he started the crying again. We went in and Eric took him to the bathroom. Blake and I waited for them and watched the people. I asked a 5/3 Field employee to take a picture of us while we waited. We found our (excellent!) seats and the row was partially filled. So we went in the row ahead of our row, thinking to pick the kids up and climb over the seat. Well, Drew was not happy about the idea, and it is mighty hard to lift an unwilling 75 pounder. So, we went to our row and had to pass a family to get to our spot. Drew continued to cry and yell that he had to go potty. We did get quite a few looks. People were probably worried he'd do that the whole time. I apologized to the guy next to us for Drew's yelling and explained that he has special needs and will calm down shortly. The guy was nice and said, "No problem." After a couple minutes, they brought out the flag and we sang the national anthem. The boys were pretty interested in that, and watched.Then the game started. They stood up a lot, but it didn't seem to bother the people behind us, so we just let them go. The row in front of us was vacant for the first couple innings, so it made it nice. Then a group of big guys showed up and sat in front of us. Blake's behavior deteriorated from there. He started hitting and biting Drew, pinching and hitting me. We decided to go walk around the upper level for awhile and see how they did after a break. We found a Dayton Dragons bounce house that the kids could jump in. Blake was really excited about that, so we let him jump. Drew didn't jump, but rather watched a bus on the other side of the fence while we waited for Blake. We walked around more, and stopped to dance to some music. Here's a great video of Eric and the boys dancing:
We were going to go back to our seats, but Drew really didn't want to. We eventually left, calling the event a success. We got to the van and got out bottled waters that we had brought with us. The boys drank them like they were dying of thirst. Not that they mentioned being thirsty at the game. It was funny, because the van was filled with gulping sounds. On the way home, we stopped at Tim Horton's for some donuts. I have taken the boys with me to Tim's, so I know what to expect from them. (chaos) But Eric is not as used to this, so he was a little (ok, a lot) perterbed with them. I took them to the restroom while Eric got us some Timbits and some donuts for himself. There were two young couples in Tim's at the time, and they watched us closely. I think they thought we were crazy for giving the kids sugar that late at night. After our donuts, we headed to the van and went home. When we got home, we asked the boys if they liked the ball game. Blake said yes, and Drew said, "I love the elevator!" Funny kid.


Anonymous said...

Drew reminded me so much of Mat. He would be more interested in the bus and in the food than in the game Good try though.

Jen said...

That sounded so exhausting, but well worth the effort! I know, just another day, huh. Love the dancing...your boys know how to move!

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Paula said...

We didn't last more than a couple innings the first time we took Matty...we kept at it though, and now we take both boys as often as we can...and I love minor league ball...the stadiums are so nice today and the food is good! Great pictures as usual.