Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Drew Update

So, I got an email from Drew that he was doing better today than yesterday. But by the time he got home, he still had gotten a blue card. So, two card changes. New rule in this house:

Yellow card = No snacks/milk
Blue card = No snacks/milk AND no TV until after supper
Red card = No snacks/milk AND no TV that day

I think we're going to try this method and see how it goes. I know it seems mean to take away his snacks and milk, but he really loves to eat and adores milk, so it is a good motivator. Last night, I allowed him to have milk for supper and I'll continue to do that, but otherwise he is allowed to have water to drink.

Sometimes being a parent is hard! Ugh. Oh well, if it works it will be worth it.


Jodie said...

You might not have to buy as much milk for a while! Stick with it, he will figure it out!

Jen said...

It so refreshing to see a parent not making an excuse for their child because he or she has a "disability"! Yep, it happens.
Good job!

Anonymous said...

it's not mean at all!! you aren't taking away his food entirely...just his favorites. water sounds fine to me :)

Umma said...

This parenting stuff really is tough but I agree, you aren't being mean, you are setting clear boundaries and clear consequences.

Is he still getting card changes for refusing to do work? My school has no system like this so I'm curious how it works? Do they get warnings, etc?

fragilemom said...

You've really got me thinking about doing some colored cards of our own around here. I haven't heard of his school doing it, but he could sure use it around here. I think I might slow into it to see how he responds. Gotta work until I'm sure he "gets" what it's about. I'll let ya know.