Monday, September 29, 2008

Red Card = No Fun for Drew

Drew got a red card at school today. They start out with a green card, and they have to change it to yellow if they do something bad. Then it goes to blue. And the worst one is RED. And Drew got a red card. His principal emailed me to let me know, and to ask if we have any ideas to get him to work. I forwarded the message to Eric and he called me from work. We decided that the best thing is to take away his TV time. He is a couch potato and so we thought it might have more impact than a timeout. Timeouts haven't been particularly effective thus far.

I unplugged all the televisions in the house before he got home. I told him that Mrs. S (the principal) told me that he got a red card and I was not happy about it. I told him there would be no television tonight for him. He went directly to the remote and tried to turn it on anyway. But, strangely, it didn't work. lol. He usually eats nonstop until suppertime, and today I told him that he wasn't having a snack. I didn't even let him fill up on milk. I allowed him to have water in case he was thirsty, but that was all he got. And I reminded him during dinner that he better eat up, because boys who get red cards don't get evening snacks, either.

Overall, he did pretty well for not watching television. He kind of wandered around the house and squawked at things for awhile. He got some books out and halfheartedly looked at them. He played cars a little bit.

Eric had to run an errand that took him to the mall. He took Blake with him. Drew wanted to go, but I told him I was sorry, but boys who get their cards changed can't do fun things. I felt mean, but I really want him to know it's not ok to refuse to do his work. Hopefully it works, and we don't have to repeat it. But we will if we have to.


Jodie said...

That is so much like Parker was a couple of years ago. The sad thing was, nothing really seemed to work. UNTIL. . . we told him all the extras (sports, scouts etc) would be taken away, and he knew we meant business. Now days, he doesnt get in trouble too often OR it is only every once in a while that he tells me that he "got in trouble today, but just a warning Mom!" Best of Luck, I know how trying those days are, I cant waite til Gracie feels the need to go through them! heheh

Anonymous said...

Stick with it. From a teacher's point of view, it is awesome when parents follow up and help the teacher discipline the child.
You are an awesome mom. I wish you were closer so that you and Punkin's mom could share these moments.


fragilemom said...

How in the world did he manage without those things? Ian absolutely looses it if we tell him no more videos. And for him to go find something else to do?????? Uh uh, not gonna happen. What's your secret?