Friday, September 26, 2008

Drew's self-conversations

This morning, I was laying in bed, listening to Drew talk to himself.

He said:

Hi Grandpa! (in high sing-song-y voice)
Hi Grandson! (in low Grandpa V-like voice)
ha ha ha! How are you? (sing-songy voice)
(Grandma and Grandpa V. are on vacation)

Next he said:

Hi Ginger (Aunt Annette's dog)
Come on Ginger, let's walk!
I like Ginger.


Tha NEW house!
Hi Grandma.
Want some milk?

He totally cracks me up how he reenacts conversations with people in his life. And sometimes he makes up his own conversations. (like the Ginger one-he's never taken her for a walk) He literally could go on an hour like that.


fragilemom said...

Ian does that a lot too, and I love to just listen to it. His favorite is, "Here Gracie, Gracie, Gracie, Gracie, Gracie....." Gracie is my sister's dog...that Ian loves to watch go nuts. And Gracie in turn, loves to watch Ian go nuts!

Holly's Mom said...

So adorable.. Holly talks to herself, but it is more like a terydactl screetching at the moment, but sometimes she will just sit there babbling away. She does this think thats like rolling your tounge but not, I can't even make some of the noises she makes.

Paula Fasciano said...

MINE too!!! My favorite is Ben ( the 5 yo) reciting the pledge of allegiance in his bed every morning before he gets out of bed!
Matty (11) will also recount conversations with his when they went to the Yankees Game..."Grandpa, that ball is OUTTA HERE!!!"

Sueblimely said...

Alex at 18 still chats to himself but these days does it in the shower. He does not let me in there anymore, naturally, and I miss out on hearing what he is chatting about. I can tell by his tone of voice that he is recreating or creating conversations with others.