Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday list o' thoughts

I swear I just pull these titles out of my..uh, head.

1. Drew got a green card today! His aide said it took a lot of encouragement, but he kept his card green all day! Woot! When he got home, I told him I was very happy with him. He said, "I go fishing with Grandpa M.?" So, I called Grandpa M. right up and asked him. So, fishing is on the schedule for tonight.

2. Blakester did ok today after getting sent home from school yesterday. He was happy this morning and I didn't get a call to come get him.

3. Tomorrow is my sister's last day at her job. She has decided that she needs to be there more for her family. I know she is excited.

4. I have apples baking in the oven right now. It smells wonderful, but when I was coring the apples, I sliced my thumb. Ouch!

5. Blake has been watching a lot of Caillou lately. Caillou is a little whiner, so Blake has picked up this habit. Actually even more than whining, he has learned to beg for things. I hear, "Pleeeeaaaasssse!" ALL. THE. TIME.