Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Night Randomness

Well, it's not really "night". It is really afternoon. 4:14 in the afternoon. But I am going to be gone this evening, so I'll post now.

First of all, last night, Eric and I went to the laywer to finish up our special needs trust and will. We signed the paperwork, and it is pretty much D-O-N-E! Woo-hoo. After the lawyer, we ate at an Italian restaurant in Kettering called Figlio. It was really good. I was debating between penne pasta with a lemon cream sauce and Chicken Diablo. The waitress recommended the Diablo, so I went with it. It was good, but hot! It made my nose run. Eric ate something gross with seafood in it. Like, shrimp and scallops. He liked it, though. I am just not a fan of seafood.

I am thinking of making Dorito Casserole for supper. I have bunko tonight and will be gone. My father in law would be quite disgusted with it, and talk about it looking like slop, but it is good slob, and Eric likes it. That's all that matters, right? Right? Anyway, I can't find the recipe that I used last time, so I'll just make it up as I go. Hmmm, I am maybe seeing why my FIL is not fond of casseroles. lol. Eric won't complain, though.

Blake has been wetting through his Pull Up a lot at school. Actually, he does it at home some, too. He waits a long time, and goes a lot at once. Of course, that is another sign of potty training readiness. No one ever says what to do about the "stubborn factor", though.

Last weekend, we took my niece Jessica out to eat with us. We ate at Bella's, an Italian restaurant. (Hmm, I see a trend here) Anyway, we stopped at her house on the way home to see Ginger, their newish dog. She is a cutie, but was very excited and ran around our legs a lot. This freaked both boys out. They really hated when she licked their toes. Here's a pic of her with Jessica:
And here is Blake, who is not amused, holding his feet up so Ginger can't get them. lol.

Drew is missing a nosepad on his new glasses for the third or fourth time since he got them. He's not really pulling them off, they just seem to come off easily. I am thinking we may have to see if they have a different kind of nosepad for them.

Well, it's now 4:32, so I need to get that Dorito casserole going. :)


Paula Fasciano said...

my kids too...even the smallest and yippiest of dogs, they both hate it when a dog tries to lick them...then again, I'm the same way ;-)...must be a FX thing!