Saturday, September 6, 2008

Walks and Parks and Rocks

Drew was antsy this afternoon, and it was such a beautiful day, I suggested we go for a walk. Blake stayed home with Eric, who was writing out bills or some such thing. I suggested to Drew that he put his tennis shoes on, but he wanted to wear his sandals. Not really a biggie, so whatever, and Drew and I took off for our walk. I let Drew direct our path, and of course, he led us to the park. Well, I sat down on a bench in the shade and told him he could go play for awhile. He stepped onto the plaground, which is cushioned with pea-gravel and he immediately yelled, "Ouch!" and sat down. He picked a pebble or two from his sandal and got up to go again, only to repeat the process. I suggested he take his shoes off and just go barefoot, which is a little better than getting a stone in your shoe. He wouldn't, though, and he walked as though he was walking on hot coals. He finally got to the jungle gym, and of course had to sit down to remove another stone. He played a few minutes then went down a slide. At which point he got more stones in his sandals. I said, "Come on, Drew, let's just go home." He said, "No, Mommy, I have to play!" lol. Apparently the stones in his shoes were not as big of a nuisance as I would have thought.


Maddy said...

I have one like that too!
BEst wishes