Friday, September 19, 2008

We survived!

We had Fragile X researchers from University of Kansas here today from 3:30-7:30. The study is called Maternal Parenting Style and Children with Fragile X Syndrome.

They videoed us reading books together, making a snack, and doing a craft. Drew was actually quite cooperative. Especially if you compare it to old videos they did from years past.

I answered questions in an interview for awhile. I think I made it take longer than it would have needed to, but I am a bit chatty. Drew really liked Marcel, who did his evaluation, and kept him busy during my interview part. Poor Marcel had to listen to Drew talk about Grandma's car a hundred times, at least. They even stood outside watching for Grandma's car for awhile.

All total, they were here for about four hours, and it went really well. Audra and Marcel are both very nice.


Anonymous said...

We've wanted to do this but our life is never calm enough. It sounds really really cool. HOpefully when we get moved and settled we can have Audra down :)

Paula Fasciano said...

I love Audra!!!! My kids both have participated in studies....she's great with them!