Wednesday, October 8, 2008

If it's not one thing, it's another

Monday and Tuesday this week Drew got green cards. He got a yellow card today. I am not distressed about this. We followed through on consequences, and he was not allowed any snacks or milk today. No biggie. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Remember a couple weeks ago, when Blake's school called me to come get him because he was crying uncontrollably? If not, read HERE. Well, this morning, he was kind of clingy, not terrible, but when it was time to get him dressed for school, he started being wild. He was yelling, "You stop it!" and pushing and hitting and throwing things. He knocked over a chair and the TV tray.

I had a few extra minutes, so I tried just rocking him. He started crying hard and continued this for a half hour. So I called the school at the last minute and told them he'd be staying home. He finally calmed down and he fell asleep. He's been fine since his nap, so I am not sure what the deal was. Ugh! Never a dull moment.


Holly's Mom said...

Sorry to hear you had a rough morning, I guess the boy just needed him Mommy today. I am glad you were able to stay home with him when he needed it.