Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So, did I tell you that I am no longer a lunch lady? I forget if I blogged about it. Anyway, I was losing money by paying for insurance and child care, so I quit. I still have a couple cleaning jobs that I do, though. And after Blake got on the bus, I went to the post office to do one of those cleaning jobs. I was about ten minutes from being finished, and my cell phone rang. It was Blake's school. They said he had been crying since he got there and the only time he stopped is when they took him in the gross motor room and turned out the lights. I could actually hear him crying in the background. He didn't have fever or anything, and they weren't sure what was going on with him. Well, I told them I'd be right there to pick him up. But it takes about twenty five minutes to get to his school from here. So, I called my sister, who was working in Sidney, where Blake's school is. She was just finishing up her lunch break, and said she'd go right away and pick Blake up for me. I called the school and let them know that Kelly'd be picking him up. I met her at her office to get him from her. When I got there, he was sitting on her lap at her desk drawing on a piece of paper with a pen. He saw me and jumped up, saying, "Hi, Mommy! Let's go" and grabbing his backpack. Kelly said he wasn't crying anymore when she got there, but his eyebrows were red and his face was splotchy from crying. When he got in my van, he said, "I firsty, Mommy", so I took him to Culver's and we had a drink and shared some cheese curds. He didn't sleep well last night, so I am thinking that is what the problem was. Because he's been perfectly fine since he's been home. We all have off days, so I guess it's ok for a five year old to have one, too, right?


Holly's Mom said...

Congrats on your decision, will it give you more time to spend with the boys... I have been back to work for 1 month, and I think I am ready to call it quits.. i miss Holly too much, she has been sik too much, and she needs me.

Jen said...

I'm envious! Oh how I wish we hadn't put ourselves in the financial situation that we are in (our new home). Before getting my teaching degree (and that's part of our student loan), I waited tables at a place where I basically picked the hours that I wanted on a weekly basis. What flexibility! It pains me that I'm not there for Evan during the day, and that my evenings aren't as free either for the older three.