Saturday, October 11, 2008

I've been tagged

Thanks to Donna at Fragile Mom for tagging me in the "7 Things" meme. I have been trying to think of some interesting things about myself, but haven't come up with much. So you'll have to put up with what I concoct on the fly.

1. I am older than Eric. Not by much, but 77 days. And I think he likes that I hit all the big birthdays before he does. Youngster. lol.

2. I was the youngest of seventeen grandchildren on my mother's side of the family. And I thought that made me super special. I spent a lot of time at my grandparents house and my grandma called me her "tootsie-wootsie".

3. I took baton lessons for years. And we went to baton contests. Man they made me nervous. I tried out for majorette every year in high school, but I only made it one year. Unlike my older sister, who only missed making it one year.

4. When I was in eighth grade, I had surgery on my toes. I had a mallet toe deformity, and had to have the end joint on my toes fused. I had pins in my toes for several weeks. So now, twenty years later, I still have little scars on my toes, and my toes bend funny. But, they don't hurt like they did before the surgery, either.

5. When I was a little girl, I used to think the lady on the Sun Maid raisin box was my mom. In my defense, they looked a lot alike. lol!

6. When I was born, I stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated. I spent the first several days of my life in an incubator, and think I was ten days old when I came home from the hospital.

7. I am 11,886 days old.


Jodie said...

Those are 7 good things to tell! Have a nice Day

Anonymous said...

Hey, I didn't know you thought that lady looked like mom! If I would say I see the resemblance, does that mean she kinda looks like me too? Love you! Your Sissy:)

fragilemom said...

I like the how many days old you are. I'll have to figure that out on me one day. Maybe not! ;)