Saturday, November 22, 2008's the weekend!

How nice. No worries about "ironing a shirt for daddy", packing lunches, getting blue or red cards, fighting to get Blake in the van to go to the babysitter, going to work at school, waiting for the bus, etc. The list goes on and on.

Thursday night, I went with my sister in law Annette to a Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson concert. It was great. They sang together on most of the songs, duet style, though the each artist took more of a lead on her own songs. They left the stage, but came back for an encore performance of "Because of You", the song they have out together, and they finished the show with a rock sounding version of "Fancy". We had fun, but it was a late night! I am not used to that. :)

Today I have to clean the post office, one of my two cleaning jobs. It takes two hours. My mom will be working there today, so that is always nice.

I am still coughing. I feel much better than I did last weekend, though. Last Saturday, I barely got out of bed.

I thought Drew was getting sick this morning. He made several trips to the bathroom, and threw up some phlegm once. Not sure if he's really getting a stomach thing, or it is his gag reflex reacting to his head congestion.

Anyway, Blake is watching some episodes I taped of Imagination Movers. And yes, taped. I need a DVR. He puts his hat on like the Movers do, and gets a toy guitar out. He dances and sings along with his pals. It's pretty cute.

Drew is watching Rosie and Jim, a kids' show on BBC Kids. We get it on OnDemand.
Rosie and Jim are rag dolls who live with John, a canal boat operator. John goes off on adventures, and Rosie and Jim come to life and follow him on his adventures, unbeknownst to him. It is a pretty cute, if not bizarre, show. The other day, John was singing a song that went, "I'm so high, so very, very, HIGH!" And he was sitting on the boat, not up high. So I am wondering what kind of high we're talking here. Anyway, the boys both love this show. Unfortunately for me, it only last 15 minutes. And it goes back to the OnDemand menu afterward, so as soon as I get them set up with it, and start doing something productive (ha ha), they are always saying "Rosie and Jim's over. Again!"

Blake has been saying, "Ho, ho, ho, Merrrrrrry Christmas!" while rubbing his belly. We are guessing they have started practicing Christmas songs at school for their program.

Have a great weekend!


Jodie said...

How fun for you. I bet the concert was nice. Thanks for the invite though!! J/K I ma glad you are feeling better. Have a wonderful weekend yourself. said...

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and bringing attention to Fragile X!