Monday, November 10, 2008

Mundane Monday

I worked today. That went pretty well. No major disasters or burns. Drew got a blue card, so he is not allowed to have any milk, snacks or television. I let Blake watch a DVD in his bedroom on the portable DVD player, but he kept messing with it and taking the DVDs out, so I took that away. It is surprisingly quiet at my house at the moment. Blake is trying to balance M&Ms on his wooden train, and Drew is leaned over the sofa looking at the newspaper.

We are having a simple supper tonight. Chicken patties and julienne potatoes. Nothing exciting here. Eric is (maybe) going to work on my sister's computer tonight, so the boys and I will be hanging out by ourselves.

I was just looking at our schedules for the month of December with the kids' and my Christmas breaks, and they do not coincide. Blake has a babysitter, and I could ask her to watch him the extra time, but it makes me a bit nervous to ask her to watch Drew as well. Not that I wouldn't trust her with Drew, she is great. I just have issues asking people to do things. I may have to hit up my mom or sister for those couple days. Can you believe Drew's Christmas break starts on Dec. 18?! Mine doesn't start until Christmas Eve. At least I get one. I suppose I should be happy about that.


Jodie said...

You need to ask Eric if Kelly's computer is really more important than mine!! I mean honestly!!!!!!! hehehe I know it would be a drive for you, but you can always drive the boys into me if you want to over the Christmas break!

Kristiem10 said...

Aww, thanks Jodie. You are a sweetie. Does your computer need worked on?

Anonymous said...

I stopped last Wednesday (Purposely) to work on your computer, but you weren't home.