Sunday, November 30, 2008


Blake woke up at 4:30 this morning. Eric gets up with the kids on Sundays, and he kept putting him back to bed. Blake was noisy and woke Drew up, though. For 45 minutes, Eric got in and out of bed to put two wide awake kids in their rooms, only to have them get up a minute or two later. At 5:15, I got up with them and got their breakfasts. I put something on the television to occupy them, and got on the computer for awhile. At 6:30, I went back to bed and made Eric get up with them. I went back to sleep for three more hours. Blake came in at 9:30 to wake me.

So, I hopped in the shower, got the boys bathed, waited for Eric to get ready, and we headed to church. We got there late. Well, almost late. We usually arrive 15 minutes early, and were only there like five minutes early today. When we got back to my mom and dad's house afterward, they had taken the boys to McDonald's for lunch and got food for us to have breakfast. Yummy!

We got home and the boys and I took a nap and Eric left to do some Christmas shopping with his sister and niece Jessica.

So you've all read about how much Blake likes to help me cook? Well, I brought two dishes to our Thanksgiving celebration. I brought the corn casserole that I posted about and a green bean casserole. I didn't try any of it ahead of time, but when I went through the food line, I tried a serving of each of my dishes. Not sure what happened, but the green bean casserole was super salty. I mean, really, really salty. I don't know for sure, but I suspect that Blake may have added some salt to the recipe. He did help me that day. Because I didn't salt it at all since I put french fried onions in it. Anyway, by the time I had tried it, most everyone else had been through the line and it was a little too late to take it off the table. I am just hoping that not too many people figured out who made it. lol! I guess I am giving myself away for any of my relatives who may read this, though, huh?


the other lion said...

Okay, that is just funny. Slightly embarassing, but funny. We made corn casserole, too. It's so easy I may have to make it more often. YUM.

Anonymous said...

I guess if no one touches your food next time then you know they knew who cooked my baby girl once decided she was big enough to make crystal light and added a cup of salt instead of sugar. that wasn't pretty