Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Decorating the Christmas Tree

The other night, we finally got our decorations on the tree. The boys helped more than I was expecting. They were excited about it, and Blake kept asking, "Mommy, where's Christmas?" It was so cute. Drew asked about the star we always put on the tree, and Eric told him he could put the star on this year. Drew tried to climb onto the chair, but got scared and got down quickly. So Eric offered for Blake to do it. Drew thought that was a good idea.

They especially liked the ornaments that make noise. We have a "Santa's Answering Machine" one that says, "Ho ho ho, I'm out packing my sleigh, but be sure to leave your Christmas wishes. Wait for the jingle bells!" You can push the button and it will say that. Oh, how they love to push the button. We have a train that blows its whistle and a fire engine that plays its siren.

Blake was very excited when he found several zipper bags of what looked like a snack for him. Sadly for him, it was popcorn we'd strung to put on the tree. Both boys helped put ornaments on the tree. Some of them are on top of one another, but we left them, since that's where they wanted them.


Anonymous said...

omg it is gorgeous! glad it went well and you all had fun

Jodie said...

I am suprised Eric would leave them alone. You might want to keeep an eye on him. It would suprise me if he moved them when you and the boys are not watching. Did we place the pickle this year?? Has anyone found it? I need to come visit especially if there will be a prize for the first to find!!! Have a wonderful day

Jodie said...

that is suppose to say wouldn't suprise me! hehehe

Mark said...

Great Tree!
The boys really did a nice job.
Are you going to explain the pickle story on your blog?

Leanna said...

Gorgeous Christmas tree..! I too love putting up the Christmas tree.