Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside!

School's cancelled here. We're under a windchill advisory right now. It is supposed to be a windchill factor of 30-35 below zero. The actual temperature is -14degrees. I think today would be a good day for baking.

I started Eric's car for him this morning, and it screeched. I felt sorry for the old thing, it didn't want to get up and do work, either.

When I got my coat on to go outside, Blake got a little nervous. "Mommy, what you doing?" he asked. He has been kind of like a little cling-on lately. At random times, he'll just come looking for me. The other day, I went out to shovel the sidewalk and he kept opening the door and yelling, "Mommy!" He could see me the whole time, but by the time I came back in (less than five minutes later) he was beside himself sobbing. His babysitter said he does that to her, too. She said she can't even throw a diaper in the trash in the garage without him crying at the door. And my mom watched him on Wednesday and said he always had to make sure he knew where she was. I guess it's just a phase. I hope so, anyway.


the other lion said...

Sounds so familiar -- the cold and the crying. =)