Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Five

1. It has been a a rough week. Monday Drew got a red card, Tuesday he got a blue card, Wednesday he was green, but when he got home from school, he refused to get out of the car. I was literally pulling him out by his coat, and my hand slipped off. I took a couple steps back to regain my balance, but stepped onto our soggy grass and slipped. I fell on my back and I must have landed on my elbow.

2. My elbow looks fine, except for a small bruise. However, it still hurts a lot. When I straighten my arm, I get a stabbing pain. Also, by the end of work yesterday, I had pain radiating from my elbow toward my wrist and up to my shoulder. I should probably get it checked out, but I don't want to.

3. Blake and I are off school today. Blake never goes on Fridays, and my school is closed today and Monday. I am glad about that, so my elbow can get a break. We're going to lunch with my sister and niece and my mom and dad.

4. Drew's Valentine's Day party is this afternoon. Blake's was yesterday. I made sugar cookies for both times. I intended to roll them out and cut out hearts, but I had problems with the dough being too sticky. So I just scooped them out and rolled them in red sugar before baking. They are pretty cute, even though they aren't hearts.

5. Blake likes mozzarella sticks! Who knew? I made a couple for a snack yesterday afternoon, and I left my plate on the counter. When I came back they were gone. Blake found more and wanted me to make them for him.


Holly's Mom said...

Yum! Mozzo Sticks... isn't it great whenyou child snatches your food.. You should definately get your elbow looked at you could have torn a muscle and if you don;t let it heal. "Like Put it in a Brace" then you may do perminant damage.