Monday, February 2, 2009

Random Post of the Day: List-style

1. Every day, when I iron a shirt for Eric, the boys have to say, "What are you doing?" And I have to say, "Ironing a shirt for Daddy." And they say, "Iron-a-shirt-for Da-ddy!" in a chant-like voice. We have to do this every day.

2. Blake has some volume modulation issues. Ok, so what I am saying is that the kid yells all. the. time. "MOM!" "WHAT YOU DOING?!" "I WANT MASHED TOTATOES!" etc.

3. This morning, Drew wasn't terribly excited about getting ready for school. He was a little grumpy. That is, until Blake pooped in his pants. Drew thought this was hilarious. He watched me change Blake's pants, and kept saying, "Eww! Blakey pooped! Yuck! He laughed so hard about it, he got the hiccups.

4. Drew always gets the hiccups (or as Blake calls them the kick-ups) when he laughs a lot.

5. This morning, I finally got out the Nerf basketball hoop the boys got from my parents for Christmas. I actually think it was for Drew, but whatever. Anyway, I first put it up on top of the closet door in the toyroom, but it was too high for Blake. So I looked around trying to find a lower spot for it. I settled upon putting it on the refrigerator door. He had fun with it, but didn't want to use the Nerf basketball. He wanted to use the compact basketball we have. And surprisingly, the hoop held up under its weight.

Here's a pic of Blake making a slam dunk:

6. The other day, Drew climbed onto the couch with Eric to watch television. This is a rare occurence these days, so I caught it on camera. It was a tight squeeze, but they both fit.

7. I've got to get ready for work. Today is breakfast for lunch--sausage, egg and cheese muffins, pancakes, applesauce and tater tots.


John Evans said...

The fridge door seems to be the perfect height...

Mark said...

Eric and Drew!

TheXMom said...

My boys love the nerf b-ball hoops. We've gone threw many of them.