Sunday, February 1, 2009

First dance of the year

We went to our first dance of 2009 last night. My mom and dad intended to be go, but decided to stay home. My dad has bronchitis, and possibly pneumonia.

My sister Kelly and her husband Tony, and Eric's sister Annette and her husband Ed have started taking dance lessons in January. This was their first dance since starting. Our instructors put the dance on, and they announced what each dance was, like whether it was a foxtrot, waltz or swing. We had fun and got to practice our new figures. We went to a class they had before the dance teaching some two-step. That was fun, too, though we didn't get the hang of it totally.

Kelly and Tony put their van in the ditch on the way to the dance. They are dedicated dancers, though, and had a friend pull them out of the ditch, and they went directly to the dance from there. We did a cowboy line dance. In the middle of the dance, Eric's sister slipped and fell down. She went down really hard, but was up almost as quick as she fell. Knowing her, though, she will be all bruised up.

We stayed until it ended and came home. My niece Jessica babysat for the kids, so she went home with Annette and Ed. We went to bed, and soon after, the phone rang and it was Eric's mom. Apparently, his dad's blood pressure was really high and he was having trouble breathing. So Eric got dressed and left. They went to the hospital, and my father-in-law has been admitted. They are going to run some tests tomorrow to try to figure out what is going on. He had a kidney transplant in October, so they are concerned about his kidney as well. Eric didn't get home until 10:30 this morning. He is such a dedicated dancer, he went to sleep for a few hours and we went to dance class this afternoon at 3:30. Good thing we learned something new, or it would have been a bummer.

Any prayers you could say for my father-in-law would be appreciated. Thanks!


Mark said...

Thanks for letting everyone know what is going on, Mom called me earlier to tell the story. Prayers would be GREAT!

John Evans said...

I will pray not only for your father-in-law, but for John as well.

TheXMom said...

I've always wanted to take dance lessons.. Hope your FIL gets well, you and your family are in my thoughts.