Thursday, April 9, 2009

random picture post

Blake snuck into the snack cabinet and found some Valentine's candy
his face when he was caught

Kyle, messing with his mom
Eww! He licked her.
Obviously, I wasn't paying close enough attention to him. That towel was supposed to dry him off!
We watched Kelly and Tony's kids on Saturday evening. It was almost sixty out, so we played outside. Danielle was bummed that she wore her winter coat. Too bad I was a meanie and made her wear it anyway. Eric set up the smaller bball hoop for Blake.

And finally, I watched Kyle yesterday afternoon, and he and Drew are on spring break. They went outside to wait for Blake to get home on the bus. It snowed yesterday, so they were wearing their (matching) winter coats. Kyle was irritated with me because I couldn't get his hood closed tight enough for his liking. He said his mom could do it better.