Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thursday afternoon, after eating spaghetti, Blake went into the bathroom to wash his hands. Well, sometimes he plays in the water. I don't generally mind, but he had been in there awhile, so I went to check on him. I heard the toilet flush. When I got in there, did I find him sitting on the toilet? Of course not. He was standing in front of the toilet, looking at his handiwork:

He had dumped the entire contents of the (very full) wastebasket into the toilet and flushed it. First thing I did was put him in timeout. Then I snapped a picture of it. (aren't you so glad?) and then, I reluctantly scooped out all the trash. I attempted to flush the toilet, but of course, it didn't flush. Instead the water level rose and rose. I was scared it would overflow, but it stopped right below the rim. I tried plunging it to no avail. Let's just say that Eric was not too thrilled when he got home. He had Friday off work, so he attempted to fix the toilet. (he was not too excited about me taking pictures of him)
He had trouble getting the bolts off, so he called my dad for help. They got the toilet off and found an empty toilet paper roll stuck in it.
Thankfully, it is back in working order and we didn't have to call a plumber. And thank goodness for having two bathrooms!


Jen said...

Oh wow...I would not have been too happy with that!
Kind of funny that I'm seeing your picture today; Evan put his first object in our toilet yesterday...a highlighter...hmmm, no win! (probably not a contest you wanted the title of "winner") :)

Jodie said...

Oh how fun is that for you!!!!! WOW!

fragilemom said...

Is it rude that I laughed when I saw the pic? Couldn't wait to read the story. Yeah, I don't get too excited when I finally figure out that the house is too quiet and Ian is in the bathroom. I haven't encountered that kind of catastrophe yet. I think Benjamin will the one to do it first though. He's more of the curious one. Thanks for the smile.

Holly's Mom said...

So sad.... But Awesome Picture! I see what I have to look forward too, Holly is obsessed with the toilet.