Friday, May 15, 2009

A Drew Story

Yesterday, when Drew came home from school, his aide told me that he'd been talking about going to see Grandma V. and riding in her red car. She told him maybe he'd have to call Grandma to see what they were doing. Drew thought that was a great idea, and he actually picked up the phone and asked, "What's the numbers, Mom?" We called, but there was no answer. I told him we'd try to call them later and maybe we'd see them. When it was about five o'clock, I started making supper. He said, "No, Mom! Not supper. I go in the red car!" I called my dad, and told him the situation and left a request that if they didn't have any plans, could they please stop by with the red car? He said he'd check to see if Mom made any plans. About fifteen minutes later, Mom called. She said she heard someone was wanting to see her. I explained it to her, and she said they had no plans, and of course they would come. So, to Drew's delight, Grandma and Grandpa V. came (in the red car!) to pick him and Blake up and take them to McDonalds. Oh happy day!


Umma said...

I just love a story with a happy ending :-)

the other lion said...

what good grandparents!