Sunday, May 3, 2009

I am so irritable!

I am getting on my own nerves. I haven't taken my Prozac for two days. Why? Well, I forgot it on Friday night, and last night, I remembered it right before bed, and didn't want to eat something that late. If I don't take it with food, I get terrible heartburn. So I thought, Oh well, I'll just skip it again. Bad move.

I am such a grump! Eric got up with the kids this morning (Sundays are his day) so I even slept until 9:00. You'd think that would have helped. In my defense, Blake has been quite a terror today. Drew has been sweet as pie, wandering around inside and outside. Blake kept removing his mattress from the box springs and getting under the mattress. Getting into the snack cupboard ninety eight times, and when I told him no, he of course, hit me and knocked things off the counter.

Blake is now napping, and despite my sleeping in, I'd like to be napping as well. But I can't. Eric is installing a new storm door in the back of the house. And he keeps needing my help. The audacity! lol.

In a bit of good news, I just finished my lunch and did take my Prozac with it. Maybe things will be better soon. :)