Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Buckle Boss can't boss him

We have a problem with Blake constantly removing his seatbelt. He will remove it forty eleven times per car ride and it is quite frustrating. We have to pull the car over, because of course, he never listens to our instructions (read: yelling) for him to put it back on.

So, after some internet research, we decided to buy the Buckle Boss.

From their website:

1. Position the Buckle Boss® Belt Guard over the red seatbelt button.
2. Insert the seatbelt into the side slot that is over the opening where the belt fits into the buckle.
3. Do not insert the seatbelt into the middle slot (it's not critical, but makes it a little more difficult to "pop" the button quickly).
4. To release, push any key or slim object into either of the two free slots.

$45.25 and three Buckle Bosses later, we thought we were set up. I took him with me tonight to exchange some shoes he got for his birthday. I used the Buckle Boss in Eric's car. Blake stayed put for about 8 miles. Amazing! No need to stop and pull over to rebuckle him. Suddenly, a small hand popped out from the backseat and a voice by my ear said, "Here, Mommy!" as the small hand gave me the Buckle Boss. I wondered for a minute how he figured it out. I hadn't left anything back that that I thought could slip in the slots of the Buckle Boss. Somehow, the child figured out that he could use the middle seatbelt to push through the slot, thereby freeing himself.

I pulled over and put it back on him, and tucked the middle seatbelt way into the seat. He didn't see me do it, as I was super-sneaky and pulled a "Hey! Look over there!" as I shoved the belt into the seat. So, he looked for the belt, but I told him it was all gone. He seemed to accept that and let it alone. We went to the pharmacy and picked up some Pull Ups. Then we went on to JcPenney. No problemo. He sat still, for the most part, though I did give him a tape measure to play with.

On the way home, he was quite resistant to being buckled in. When I actually got him buckled, he was ticked. Retaliation for him is removing his clothes. By the time we got out of town, he had his shoes, socks, shirt off, and his pants were halfway down. I did pull over to redress him, though I guess it wouldn't have mattered much if I left him semi-naked.

So overall, I am still going to say the Buckle Boss was a success. Because, even though he figured out a way out of it, I am certain it will work in the van, as there is no middle seatbelt. And, with the hiding of the seatbelt of the car, he seemed "stuck", as he called it.