Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Our town just built a new school. It is a very cool new place directly behind the old school. They are demolishing the old school. It was in very bad shape. I believe it was one of the oldest schools in the state of Ohio. My grandmother went to school there almost a hundred years ago.

If you recall from a previous post of mine, this is what the school looked like:

I went to school here for nine years--Kindergarten through eighth grade.

This is the oldest part of the school, built in 1885.

This is how it looks today:

I worked there last year. My cousin Julie has worked there over thirty years! And it was surreal watching it come down. It makes me sad that it had to go. There were major problems with the building, and it had to be done, but the loss of such a fixture in our little town is glaring. I grew up on the same street as the school and walked there every day. My sister and I would go play on the school playground on evenings and weekends all year round. It is going to be turned into a parking lot, I believe. Getting a brand-new facility is exciting, and Blake will be in the historical first kindergarten class to go there, having the old school gone leaves me with a sense of sadness as well.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I can't believe it. I mean, I knew it was coming down, but to see makes me feel sad too. -Kel

Anonymous said...

to bad the school has to go down but Blake gets to have school in the new buiding