Friday, July 31, 2009

A fair to remember

As we do every year, we went to the Ohio State Fair on Wednesday and Thursday. It was rainy on Wednesday. We picked Danielle up early from camp on the way and went to meet my mom and dad, who took my nephew Kyle early to the fair.

Drew and Kelly walked side by side, and Drew slipped his arm around Kelly's waist.

We met Mom and Dad and Kyle at the Dragon Wagon, a mini-roller coaster dubbed "the Alligator Train" by Kyle. He was having a huge fit because my dad tried to get him to go on a different ride. He would go on it, get off and jump back in line again. Not normally a big deal, but after forty-eleven times, he needed to try something else.

Anyway, my dad ended up staying with Kyle awhile longer on the Dragon Wagon while the other kids went on other rides.
Danielle liked the Fun Slide
Blake liked this ride, and he was hilrarious when the cars would fly around the corner.
Drew loved this ride as well: After hanging out together, we split up. Mom and Dad stayed with Drew and Blake and Kelly and I took the other two on the bigger rides.Waiting to go on the swings. Only a fraggle with hyperextensible joints could stand with his foot turned back this far comfortably:

Dad, back at the condo, and enjoying a well-earned Budweiser Select.
At breakfast the next morning before doing it all over again.

If you read my previous post, you be glad to hear that Drew left his clothes on at the fair, and didn't miss watching television at all. He did however, tell my mom that he needed to go home. But that was right before we went home, so that was the general consensus.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had fun at the fair.the boys seem to the love the rides.

Jen said...

Love the pictures of the boys on the cars. The reactions on their faces look just like the pictures I have of my boys on those cars!

Natalie said...

How sweet are those faces on the cars! Love the hand around the waist too!

Jana Nickle said...

Fraggle meaning Fragile X??? Thats cute. Never heard that term before. The boys looked like they had a great time.

Kristiem10 said...

Yeah, fraggle refers to kids with Fragile X. Though I think the experts sort of phased it out because some people objected to it as offensive. I mean no offense when I say it, though, so I refer to my guys as fraggles, but no one else's kids with the word.