Friday, July 17, 2009

Med Changes

Yesterday was Blake's first day of Focalin XR. I put it in his milk and he drank it at 6:00 in the morning. I kept a close eye on how he acted yesterday.

He seemed calmer overall. Not zombie-like, just less wild. He put two puzzles together without getting up in the middle of it to run around. He was in a happy mood. He sat with me at the computer and we played a couple games, something he has never really done before. I didn't feel like I had to tell him no all day long, because he wasn't jumping from one crazy thing to the next all day. It seemed to wear off around five or six in the evening. And when that happened, he seemed a little more hyper than normal. It may have been just because he was so well behaved earlier in the day, I am not sure. It could be rebound effect. He bit me a couple times in excitement, and told me to "be quiet" a time or two in the evening, something he'd normally do frequently.

I am hoping today goes as well as yesterday. It just may be worth the fifty dollars a month it costs.

I am still waiting to see changes in Drew from upping his dose of Prozac. But I expect that to take a little longer to affect his system. I'll keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

I glad the med is working for Blake.