Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Randomness (list style)

1. I am so glad my internet and cable is back up! It has been off and on for the past several weeks, with the past ten days being very sketchy. I had a guy out last week who replaced our modem and told me that'd fix the problem. It didn't. A guy came yesterday morning and found a beehive in the pedestal where the cable came in. So, he fixed it for us and it's fine now.

2. Today's heat makes me realize what a cool summer we've had. I am amazed at how hot it is! I have enjoyed the weather this year.

3. My mom gave me tons of zucchini she got from someone at her post office. Then her friend gave her two gigantic zucchinis to give me as well. Anyone need zucchini or have any recipes for something besides zucchini bread?

4. I have bizarre dreams. (enough said)

5. I am going to Chicago on Thursday with my sister to take my nephew for a follow-up at Rush University for a Fragile X drug trial he's doing. We'll be back on Friday.

6. I met with Blake's new aide for next year. She came to our house and we spent two hours talking. I really like her and I think she'll be great with Blake. She's even worked with Fragile X boys before!

7. I am jealous of my niece Jennifer, who is wrapping up her trip to Las Vegas right about now.

8. Drew has been a grouch all weekend. Not sure what his problem is, but I am hoping it gets better soon.

9. I have to go to the dentist tomorrow morning for two fillings. I am not looking forward to it, but I'm thankful for the nitrous oxide that makes it not so bad.

10. I am off to look up recipes for something different to make for supper for my family. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you have things planned out.Jessica

the other lion said...

I slice up zucchinni and yellow squash and cover it in butter and salt and bake it in the oven. HEAVEN. I'm jealous that Blake gets his own aides. They don't do that in our district anymore. We get "classroom aides" that are shared among many students and sometimes many classrooms.

Mark said...

Nice list of news! Pictures of Jen and Gil on Facebook in Vegas

Jen said...

1. Yay for cable!
2. It's been such a great summer. Getting hot just in time for school to start.
3. LOVE zucchini!
4. ME TOO!
5. We'll be fairly close...we're going to the Dunes on those two days! :)
6. Wow, so fortunate! I'm afraid Evan's year will be close to a nightmare (my blog post for details--could use some input).
7. Never been there.
8. Hope he's in a better mood.
9. I'm such a baby at the dentist!
10. We're having leftovers tonight!

Anonymous said...

Phyliss has a recipe for zuchinni pie. Should I get it for you? Mom