Thursday, August 6, 2009

Now he is all ready!

We received a postcard from the county health department to let us know that Blake needed some immunizations. There was a clinic about four miles from where we live, so I arranged for my dad to watch Drew and took Blake.

I told Drew that Grandpa V. was coming over so I could take Blake to the doctor. I thought that was the easiest way to explain where we were going. The clinic was supposed to be at a doctor's office actually, so that was true. Blake heard me, and got really nervous. I told him he'd be getting some shots, but they'd go quick, and we could stop and get him some bananas afterward. He said, "Grapes?" Of course. Your wish is my command, child. I was feeling apprehensive for him, since I knew he needed to get three shots. We got to the doctor's office, and there was a sign on the door that the clinic had been relocated to the local church basement. Blake got back in the van and seemed quite pleased that we weren't staying at the doctor's office. Little did he know....anyway, we got to the church basement and the only other person there was Drew's school aide, who was waiting for her daughter. We spoke a little bit and I filled out some paperwork. They called us back pretty quickly.

At the first stick, Blake flinched, but it wasn't too bad. His second shot was his DTP, which the nurse said was a little more painful. He cried for that one. She switched to his other arm and gave him a Varicella shot and he was finished. She gave him a sucker and a book and we were done. He said, "Me a kiss?" to me. He wanted me to kiss his owies. I complied and he was fine. We stopped at the store where he got a banana, some grapes and some M&M's.


Anonymous said...

Good job Blake!!!

Jana Nickle said...

Aww, doesnt that break your heart when you know how anxious they can get. Then your so proud when they get through it. Ive done this recently and my experience didnt go as smooth, but, we got through it.

Bekki said...

Haha! He kills me. Grapes and a banana with a few M&Ms. He needs to talk to Kendall for me.

fragilemom said...

We just took two of ours in today for checkup and shots. I'll be blogging about them when I finally can sit and write. Great job, Blake, and great job getting him through, mom!