Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Summer's over. Wah! Drew starts school tomorrow. I can't believe how fast the summer went. This morning he said, "My belly hurts tomorrow. I stay home with you." lol. Poor kid. He'd like summer to last a little longer like I do. He had open house last night. We didn't have a babysitter lined up, so I stayed home with Blake while Eric and Drew went. Eric said Drew cried while the parents had a meeting and he had to stay with the other kids. I am not too surprised. But, that's Drew. Anxiety galore. I know he'll do okay, it'll just take a few days for him to adjust to being back.

I have to go in to work for some training on Friday, and on the 27th. Then I have to be there every day after the 31st. Blake starts kindergarten on the 31st. I'll see him every day when he comes in for lunch. I wonder how he'll react to seeing me, but only being able to say hi and having to go with his new aide. That too, will probably just take some adjustment.

We went school shopping this past weekend, and apparently Drew really grew, because he old school pants are way too short for him. And he's slimmed down some, because he needed a smaller pants size than he wore last year. And Blake! Wears size sevens now! They need to stop this growing business. How am I to keep them little forever when they grow like the weeds in front of my house?!